Poker Pro Daniel Negreanu Wins $117K Off

The first 200 hands of the highly anticipated retaliatory match between Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu didn’t feel like a retaliatory match at all. It was like a friendly at home between two old friends.

The match itself, which featured the first 200 of 25,000 hands live on Aria on Wednesday night, went pretty well for the most part, with no player winning or losing more than the buy-in.

However, in the final 30 hands of the game, Negreanu’s timely three-barrel bluff and several early bluffs from Polk on the river resulted in Negreanu winning $117,000. The last 24,800 hands will be played on starting today at 2:30 p.m. Fr.

But the upside to many poker pros on social media is that it’s amazing how friendly the two are towards each other.

There are many others who share similar sentiments. Polk and Negreanu showed up, they were very friendly and had great conversations during the game. All of this happened despite a very hostile history, both on social media and in live tournaments.

Both players hit consecutive draws on the flop and both needed four. Syden checked and Danline made a small side bet of 1,330,000 chips into a 4,042,500 chip pot with his ace high, a gutshot and a possible backdoor flush nutdraw halo69.

Saiden decided to use the inside straight draw as a semi-bluff and check. Deinlein called and Siden in turn received his money card and the 4® gave both players a straight. Deinlein got what looked to be one of his best cards after raising the flop.

In a tournament, if each player starts with 30,000 chips at a buy-in of $1,000 (excluding rake), and the last player arrives when two-thirds of the field is lost, his stack is already worth more than 1,000 $.

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