This article is aimed at advanced and intermediate online poker players looking to build their confidence.

Do you feel that you can tell the strength of your hand by looking at other players after you join the online poker table? If you have a good hand, the other players will fold. Or, if you have a monster hand, everyone else will fold.

Don’t be discouraged, this is a very common feeling. Most likely you didn’t use your opponent’s tools against you. This gives you an advantage. There are many online tools that can help you play poker, but it is difficult to find the best.

A heads up display, also known simply as a HUD, is the best tool you have for poker when playing on the Internet. HUD. HUD. This highly skilled program creates a transparent overlay on the poker table that showcases your opponent’s playing style and tendencies. There are two types of HUDs. One relies on a local database, and one that is based on a large remote hand history database.

Local HUDs work closely with programs like PokerOffice and Hold’em Manager. The software collects all the hands you have played online, and then rearranges them to extract the characteristics of all the players you have faced. The slack/tightness and passivity/aggression are measured and displayed on each player. So you can immediately determine the type of opponent you are facing.

This product is well known to many people. You can also purchase data-mined hand histories if your goal is to earn additional profits. You can get information that is not available to you about players you may not have met before. The GoldenDonk33 can be a dangerous shark if you’re next to it.

If you don’t have this information, it may cost you several stacks. There are vendors selling poker room hand histories such as full tilt poker and pokerstars. They do not condone such practices. It is illegal for them to scan your personal computer information to detect any purchases.

This first secret can be used to improve your local poker tracker by buying hand history, whether you are already using it or decide to get started. This second secret is found in the same set of poker tools. This is a remote tracker. This product takes the whole concept to new heights of slot online.

Poker-edge is the program that makes this possible. Poker-edge collects millions of hands over the Internet using army computer slaves that can connect to any of the hundred online poker rooms to record their hand histories and make connections. The poker-edge massive data miner makes a very informative HUD. There is no need to have local poker tracking software or buying hand histories. All background work for your game is done automatically. The end result is exactly the same, except for the huge poker-edge player stats.

It is up to you whether you choose to have a remote HUD or an upgraded poker database. However, if you fail at least one of these secrets to building confidence in online Poker, you will wonder at times why your opponents don’t know how strong your hand is. But you don’t.

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