Casino de Monte Carlo reopens with new Place du Casino

The small town of Monaco and local Monte Carlo casino operator Societe de Bandmer reportedly reopened the iconic Monte Carlo business in the new Place du Casino public square.

As reported by G3Newswire on Wednesday, the 157-year-old venue was temporarily closed in mid-March due to the coronavirus outbreak, but more so than last Friday under social distancing restrictions. We are starting to receive other players.

Full face lift:

G3Newswire reports that Bandmer’s Monte Carlo Society has revived its business at Paris’ Brasserie du Cafe, adjacent to Monte Carlo, and now has both offices opposite the renovated Place du Casino. Sources say the open space bonus138 is a new design for the remodeled part of Boulingrins Park, closer to a 1930s look.

Conscious vehicle:

Monte Carlo Societe of Bandmer, this redevelopment is being done to help the area around the Monte Carlo Casino remain famous as one of the most private tourist attractions in the world, providing a safer than pedestrian area. I explained in detail. .. Monaco-based operators have created space for loyal VIP customers to park and visit the best online slot dealers instead of replacing the popular Monaco Grand Prix route like this company.

Open privately:

Jean-Luc Beermonti, CEO of the Monte Carlo Society of Van, announced the new look of the Place du Casino on June 2 at a special ceremony attended by Prince Albert II, Duchess Charlene and other members of the royal family of Monaco. Even Princess Stephanie.

The reports read Biamonti’s confession.

Our loyal customers and employees. Making Europe’s roads more private As safe as possible, take all necessary steps as per government guidelines to ensure peace of mind for our loyal customers.”

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